Create your own bar of chocolate from cocoa beans!

The ideal chocolate experience for schools and student groups?

What we do?

The workshop covers a thorough understanding of chocolate as a product, including an informative discussion about the origin and history of chocolate as well as the amazing health benefits of chocolate.

What you’ll do?

You will get hands-on in the process of making chocolate from “Bean to Bar” including crushing cocoa beans, adding cocoa butter and sugar to actually create chocolate.

You will also learn how to temper your chocolate and produce a moulded chocolate bar.


At The Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth, or at your own premises. The class can be run in any room, there is no need for a kitchen. Access to a fridge is required for the chocolate bars to set within the workshop time.


What’s included?

Learn about the origins, history and amazing health benefits of chocolate
Make your own bar of chocolate from scratch. Get to grips with the theory and science of tempering, including a variety of tempering methods.

The duration of a workshop lasts approximately 2 hours.